Ballpark Birthday Bash

Planning a birthday party for an adult male can sometimes be a challenge. It can easily fall into kiddie party territory or feel cheesy. To complicate matters, this birthday boy isn’t even a fan of having parties (but his wife is fond of throwing them). We are trying to come up with ideas that are still fun, but don’t make him uncomfortable with all of the attention. Our first idea is to celebrate at the Ole Miss baseball game on his birthday. They are at every game already, but we would add some fun number balloons to indicate his age and offer his friends the traditional “popcorn, peanuts, and Cracker Jacks,” along with some festive desserts. Here is our inspiration board for the Ballpark Birthday Bash: Ballpark Birthday Bash{ Large 32 balloons available at, Cracker Jack image from Paper Treats and Other Sweets, Peanut image from Two Plus Us, Vintage Popcorn Bags available at Shop Sweet Lulu, Chocolate covered Oreo baseball image from Yummy Serving, Baseball Tablescape image from Kara’s Party Ideas, Ole Miss Cookies available at Parties and Pastries, Peanut centerpiece image from Paper Treats and Other Sweets }