Turning Thirty-Two with Tory

At Mitchell Clemons events, we believe you need a fabulous birthday celebration at any age. Right now we are working on a 32nd birthday for one of our favorite clients. She loves Tory Burch, so we wanted to use Tory’s T logo as the inspiration for our “Thirty-Two” birthday party. We are basing the color scheme around Tory Burch’s signature colors of hot pink, orange, and gold.

Tory Tory Thirty Two{ Mannequin image from Village Tailor, Monogram, Glittered wine glasses available from Dawlens, Pink Tory bag image from Village Tailor, Champagne with rock candy image from Camille Styles, Pink polish available at Essie, Custom designed Tory Burch style invite,Peony image from House Beautiful, Tissue Garland available from Flair Exchange, Tory Burch cake available from Erin Hurt, Leopard wallet and Tory logo earrings available at Tory Burch }

Our plan is to make this the ultimate girls’ day. Everyone will meet at her house for some appetizers, birthday cake, champagne, and mimosas. Then everyone is headed to the Nail Shoppe to get their nails done (with some roadie cocktails). After their fingers and toes are looking good, they plan to hit the square to do some shopping. The birthday girl wants to find the perfect outfit for her big day. After going home to change into their purchases, everyone will meet up with their husbands and boyfriends for a fun birthday dinner. We are coordinating her a Tory Burch-inspired invitation and birthday cake, beautiful decorations for the early morning party (definitely adding in some of her favorite peonies), favors for her favorite girls (check out those fantastic monogrammed, glittered wine glasses), as well a few decorations for the birthday dinner. This is going to be a fantastic day for a fantastic lady! We can’t wait to show you pictures of the actual event.

p.s. If you haven’t seen this hilarious 32 parody of Taylor Swift’s 22, please check it out. Some days this is exactly how we feel about turning older:


Winner, Winner, Whiskey Birthday Dinner

We are still trying to decide on the celebration for the Birthday Boy that doesn’t like birthday parties. Our first idea was the Baseball Birthday Bash. We are now considering a simple birthday dinner at one of his favorite locations, Boure. We want to keep the festive birthday balloons, but there wouldn’t be many other decorations. We want to have it in the semi-private wine room of the restaurant, which will give just the intimate feel we are going for. I found this creative “Party-In-a-Box” online while hunting for inspiration online. I love the idea of doing something similar as favors for everyone who attends, with birthday buttons (based on a label of one of his favorite whiskeys, Old Charter), straws, and maybe a mini bottle of whiskey. We can finish everything off with a simple birthday cake. Birthday Dinner{ Balcony image from Boure, Jumbe Number Balloons available at BargainBalloons.com, Boure Crawfish Tails image from Yelp, Custom designed birthday button, Party In A Box image from Amanda Jane Jones, Maker’s Mark image from Brides, Birthday Cake image from Cooking Channel, Red Striped Straws available at Shop Sweet Lulu’s }



Ballpark Birthday Bash

Planning a birthday party for an adult male can sometimes be a challenge. It can easily fall into kiddie party territory or feel cheesy. To complicate matters, this birthday boy isn’t even a fan of having parties (but his wife is fond of throwing them). We are trying to come up with ideas that are still fun, but don’t make him uncomfortable with all of the attention. Our first idea is to celebrate at the Ole Miss baseball game on his birthday. They are at every game already, but we would add some fun number balloons to indicate his age and offer his friends the traditional “popcorn, peanuts, and Cracker Jacks,” along with some festive desserts. Here is our inspiration board for the Ballpark Birthday Bash: Ballpark Birthday Bash{ Large 32 balloons available at BargainBalloons.com, Cracker Jack image from Paper Treats and Other Sweets, Peanut image from Two Plus Us, Vintage Popcorn Bags available at Shop Sweet Lulu, Chocolate covered Oreo baseball image from Yummy Serving, Baseball Tablescape image from Kara’s Party Ideas, Ole Miss Cookies available at Parties and Pastries, Peanut centerpiece image from Paper Treats and Other Sweets }

Light It Up!

I love the look of marquee lights right now. They can add the perfect dose of rustic chic + whimsy to create a statement at a party.

Marquee Lights Various { Images Courtesy of Vintage Marquee Lights }

When used on a large scale, they don’t require a lot of other decorations, because they become the focal point.

Marquee Lights J&RMarquee Light Wedding{ Images courtesy of 100 Layer Cake }

When used with a carnival, circus, or movie theme, they can reinforce your theme with your other decorations.

Marquee Lights Alexandra{ Image Courtesy of Hostess with the Mostess }

If you invest in the vintage metal version, they could easily be recycled to become party of your home decor, especially if you use your initials.

Marquee N For After Party{ Image Courtesy of Project Decor }

We are currently working on a party that I would love to see the Birthday Boy’s age up in lights. The budget won’t allow for actual metal marquee lights, but I think I have found a great solution. Fiskars has a great tutorial on creating the same effect with paper mache letters!

Marquee Fiskars OscarsAll you do is cut the front face off of the letters, paint and add light yellow circles for lights. I think that you could also cut holes and add Christmas lights if you wanted them to light up.

Maruqee Light DIY

I also found a similar take on it the involves painting the outside gold and the inside bright colors. It really makes the letters pop.

Marquee YHL Peace{ Image Courtesy of Young House Love }

What kind of party can you see these Marquee Light Letters being used for?

Bar Cart Love (Bordering on Obsession)

In the last year I have really fallen in love with bar carts. Who doesn’t always want to have some Champagne handy?They are perfect for parties, because you can have your libations where the action is.

I have purchased two for my home in the last few months (Don’t worry— they are in different rooms). Mostly I had been drawn to the Hollywood Regency inspired brass bar carts, which are usually styled with gorgeous glassware, fresh flowers, striped straws, and the aforementioned Champagne.





Then I saw this beautiful image on Cupcakes and Cashmere. image

How great is that utilitarian bar cart?! Obviously it isn’t as glamorous as the first few, but I love how rustic and functional it is. It also gave me a brilliant idea.

For Christmas I bought my dad a service cart for his new garage from his favorite store, Harbor Freight. I think one of these service carts  would make a fantastic utilitarian bar cart for a fraction of the price (Currently $37.99!).