Ballpark Birthday Bash

Planning a birthday party for an adult male can sometimes be a challenge. It can easily fall into kiddie party territory or feel cheesy. To complicate matters, this birthday boy isn’t even a fan of having parties (but his wife is fond of throwing them). We are trying to come up with ideas that are still fun, but don’t make him uncomfortable with all of the attention. Our first idea is to celebrate at the Ole Miss baseball game on his birthday. They are at every game already, but we would add some fun number balloons to indicate his age and offer his friends the traditional “popcorn, peanuts, and Cracker Jacks,” along with some festive desserts. Here is our inspiration board for the Ballpark Birthday Bash: Ballpark Birthday Bash{ Large 32 balloons available at, Cracker Jack image from Paper Treats and Other Sweets, Peanut image from Two Plus Us, Vintage Popcorn Bags available at Shop Sweet Lulu, Chocolate covered Oreo baseball image from Yummy Serving, Baseball Tablescape image from Kara’s Party Ideas, Ole Miss Cookies available at Parties and Pastries, Peanut centerpiece image from Paper Treats and Other Sweets }


Light It Up!

I love the look of marquee lights right now. They can add the perfect dose of rustic chic + whimsy to create a statement at a party.

Marquee Lights Various { Images Courtesy of Vintage Marquee Lights }

When used on a large scale, they don’t require a lot of other decorations, because they become the focal point.

Marquee Lights J&RMarquee Light Wedding{ Images courtesy of 100 Layer Cake }

When used with a carnival, circus, or movie theme, they can reinforce your theme with your other decorations.

Marquee Lights Alexandra{ Image Courtesy of Hostess with the Mostess }

If you invest in the vintage metal version, they could easily be recycled to become party of your home decor, especially if you use your initials.

Marquee N For After Party{ Image Courtesy of Project Decor }

We are currently working on a party that I would love to see the Birthday Boy’s age up in lights. The budget won’t allow for actual metal marquee lights, but I think I have found a great solution. Fiskars has a great tutorial on creating the same effect with paper mache letters!

Marquee Fiskars OscarsAll you do is cut the front face off of the letters, paint and add light yellow circles for lights. I think that you could also cut holes and add Christmas lights if you wanted them to light up.

Maruqee Light DIY

I also found a similar take on it the involves painting the outside gold and the inside bright colors. It really makes the letters pop.

Marquee YHL Peace{ Image Courtesy of Young House Love }

What kind of party can you see these Marquee Light Letters being used for?

Academy Award Fun

I always get excited about the Oscars, but this year I don’t plan on throwing an Academy Awards party (unless sitting in your PJ’s on the couch watching counts as a party). I keep seeing great party ideas pop up online. They almost make me want to change my mind. Check these out that I have found:

Oscar Party Tablescape { Image Courtesy of We Heart Parties }

Oscar Party Popcorn{ Image Courtesy of We Heart Parties }

Oscar Party Champagne

{ Image Courtesy of Hostess with the Mostess }

These images are almost enough to make me want to break out the spray glue and glitter again for Champagne bottles.

Glitter Champagne Bottles

What I will be doing on Sunday is checking out what everyone is wearing. The last few years my friends and I have selected our best-dressed winner through a bracket. I guess it’s our version of March February Madness. I thought I would share this year’s bracket with you, so you can join in on the fun.

Best Dressed BracketI included all of the ladies that are nominated for an acting award, as well as most of the presenters. I am sure that I left someone off, so there is a write-in candidate as well. Work your way through to determine who you think is best dressed. Come back and let us know who you picked! Be sure to print out two copies. After you have selected your best dressed, you can play again to select your worst dressed. Who needs Joan Rivers? We’ve got our own Fashion Police.

Winter Olympics Party

Every time the Winter Olympics roll around, we get really excited for two weeks of figure skating, skiing, and hockey. This year we decided to commemorate the occasion with a party at our house for the Opening Ceremonies. We wanted to give it an international feel, so we tried to incorporate as many countries as possible in the food and drinks. Guests were asked to arrive representing different countries. Later this week, we can go through the recipes for all of the delicious food and drinks served. Today let’s take a look at the decorations.

For the main centerpiece, I covered my tall glass cylinder vases with construction paper making “Olympic Rings” around the vases. This added a much needed splash of color. It also tied in nicely with the various countries’ flags that I added into ostrich feather toppers for the vases. The colors really popped against the white feathers.

Winter Olympic Party Table

On our buffet I created an Olympic flame from a planter urn and red & yellow tissue paper. I created the back drop by reusing the white big fringe garland from our 1920’s housewarming party and twirling it behind the buffet. We topped it off with a few paper chains in Olympic Ring colors and a flag banner to continue the international theme. Globes were used as an appropriate accent.

Olympic Flame

For each food dish, we decorated with something to try to symbolize that nation. I grabbed knick knacks from around the house. Some of them work a little better than other. They Chrysler Building is my favorite building in the world. I’m a little obsessed. You will see various statuettes and framed prints of the building at my house. I used some of these Chrysler Buildings to symbolize America (even though Sausage Balls have little to do with New York City).

America Olympic Dish

China was represented by Crab Rangoon bites and Foo Dog statues.

China Olympic Dish

Next we move around the Globe to Mexico. I used store-bought salsa and Pancho’s dip with homemade guacamole that was incredible (I wish I had a better picture of it– it was starting to brown here, but spoiler alert: there is CHEESE in this guacamole). The recipe will be up later this week.

Mexico Olympic Dish

Finally we move to Italy. I put the marinated cheese on a serving tray on top of several cutting boards with some wine bottles (not actually from Italy) and corks.

Italy Olympic Dish

Most of the decorations were in the dining room, but I did put a few in the living room where the actual Olympic watching would take place. I used another of my big fringe garlands up above to add some height. The Olympic rings I cut out of posterboard and framed in a 24×36 frame, to make an Olympic flag. I finished it off with some pennants that I found at Dollar Tree in the Olympic colors.

Olympic Flag

Perfect Party Streamer Wall

When we began planning to throw our friends’ 1920’s themed housewarming party, I knew that everyone would want to take pictures of their fantastic outfits. We wanted a real statement wall, that would follow the theme and look great in pictures. There was a great tutorial on how to make HUGE fringe garland on Oh Happy Day. image

After seeing them, we knew they would be perfect for our event. After following their simple directions, they turned out EXACTLY has I had hoped. Here are their easy to follow instructions:

Big Fringe DIY

We followed their lead and ordered paper from the less expensive of the two sites they recommend for where to buy crepe paper Paper Mart. What the girls at Oh Happy Day didn’t go into detail about is that there are 2 levels of crepe paper even at the lesser site. I had to order our black streamers in the thinner weight paper. It is not as easy to work with. I would order everything in the thicker, 180 gms. weight. Luckily you can’t tell from the pictures!


Everyone had a great time taking their pictures all night.