Winter Olympics Party

Every time the Winter Olympics roll around, we get really excited for two weeks of figure skating, skiing, and hockey. This year we decided to commemorate the occasion with a party at our house for the Opening Ceremonies. We wanted to give it an international feel, so we tried to incorporate as many countries as possible in the food and drinks. Guests were asked to arrive representing different countries. Later this week, we can go through the recipes for all of the delicious food and drinks served. Today let’s take a look at the decorations.

For the main centerpiece, I covered my tall glass cylinder vases with construction paper making “Olympic Rings” around the vases. This added a much needed splash of color. It also tied in nicely with the various countries’ flags that I added into ostrich feather toppers for the vases. The colors really popped against the white feathers.

Winter Olympic Party Table

On our buffet I created an Olympic flame from a planter urn and red & yellow tissue paper. I created the back drop by reusing the white big fringe garland from our 1920’s housewarming party and twirling it behind the buffet. We topped it off with a few paper chains in Olympic Ring colors and a flag banner to continue the international theme. Globes were used as an appropriate accent.

Olympic Flame

For each food dish, we decorated with something to try to symbolize that nation. I grabbed knick knacks from around the house. Some of them work a little better than other. They Chrysler Building is my favorite building in the world. I’m a little obsessed. You will see various statuettes and framed prints of the building at my house. I used some of these Chrysler Buildings to symbolize America (even though Sausage Balls have little to do with New York City).

America Olympic Dish

China was represented by Crab Rangoon bites and Foo Dog statues.

China Olympic Dish

Next we move around the Globe to Mexico. I used store-bought salsa and Pancho’s dip with homemade guacamole that was incredible (I wish I had a better picture of it– it was starting to brown here, but spoiler alert: there is CHEESE in this guacamole). The recipe will be up later this week.

Mexico Olympic Dish

Finally we move to Italy. I put the marinated cheese on a serving tray on top of several cutting boards with some wine bottles (not actually from Italy) and corks.

Italy Olympic Dish

Most of the decorations were in the dining room, but I did put a few in the living room where the actual Olympic watching would take place. I used another of my big fringe garlands up above to add some height. The Olympic rings I cut out of posterboard and framed in a 24×36 frame, to make an Olympic flag. I finished it off with some pennants that I found at Dollar Tree in the Olympic colors.

Olympic Flag


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