Perfect Party Streamer Wall

When we began planning to throw our friends’ 1920’s themed housewarming party, I knew that everyone would want to take pictures of their fantastic outfits. We wanted a real statement wall, that would follow the theme and look great in pictures. There was a great tutorial on how to make HUGE fringe garland on Oh Happy Day. image

After seeing them, we knew they would be perfect for our event. After following their simple directions, they turned out EXACTLY has I had hoped. Here are their easy to follow instructions:

Big Fringe DIY

We followed their lead and ordered paper from the less expensive of the two sites they recommend for where to buy crepe paper Paper Mart. What the girls at Oh Happy Day didn’t go into detail about is that there are 2 levels of crepe paper even at the lesser site. I had to order our black streamers in the thinner weight paper. It is not as easy to work with. I would order everything in the thicker, 180 gms. weight. Luckily you can’t tell from the pictures!


Everyone had a great time taking their pictures all night.



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