Bar Cart Love (Bordering on Obsession)

In the last year I have really fallen in love with bar carts. Who doesn’t always want to have some Champagne handy?They are perfect for parties, because you can have your libations where the action is.

I have purchased two for my home in the last few months (Don’t worry— they are in different rooms). Mostly I had been drawn to the Hollywood Regency inspired brass bar carts, which are usually styled with gorgeous glassware, fresh flowers, striped straws, and the aforementioned Champagne.





Then I saw this beautiful image on Cupcakes and Cashmere. image

How great is that utilitarian bar cart?! Obviously it isn’t as glamorous as the first few, but I love how rustic and functional it is. It also gave me a brilliant idea.

For Christmas I bought my dad a service cart for his new garage from his favorite store, Harbor Freight. I think one of these service carts  would make a fantastic utilitarian bar cart for a fraction of the price (Currently $37.99!).



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